Covid-19 Response


BACKGROUND: On March 13, 2020, St. Augustine’s formed a COVID-19 Response Team in anticipation of the needs of our parish at this time. Soon after, a protocol of physical distancing was adopted by the Anglican Diocese of Calgary, leading to the suspension of in-person meetings and services at St. Augustine’s. Over the summer, the Province of Alberta approved public worship and religious meetings that follow strict guidelines. At the end of September, St. Augustine's resumed in-person worship for a short time. However, the threat of mounting COVID cases over the Christmas holiday saw public worship suspended once again. 

CURRENT SITUATION: At the direction of The Anglican Diocese of Calgary, all in-person services at all parishes were suspended in November 2020 in an effort to reduce the number of new COVID-19 cases and to protect the vulnerable of our congregations. This policy reflects the guidelines of the Government of Alberta. At this time, there is no new information as to when public worship may resume. Nevertheless, congregations throughout the Diocese continue to thrive, and many, including St. Augustine’s, continue to make excellent use of livestream technology. To learn more about the decision to suspend public worship and prayer, go to the website of The Anglican Diocese of Calgary:   

LIVESTREAM WORSHIP CONTINUES: During this time of ongoing physical distancing, St. Augustine’s is using Facebook Live to “livestream” services of prayer and worship. The Church has installed audiovisual equipment that allows parishioners to watch events on a home computer or mobile device. Livestream links for home worship and The Daily Office are posted on this website approximately 15 minutes prior to each event. Go to to this page to view live and recorded events.