Easter 7

Monday, May 25, 2020

Read Psalm 119: 49-64  

Psalm 119 is the longest of the psalms and the longest book in the bible.  It is an acrostic writing using the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  We read from the seventh and eighth letters in todays passage.  The psalm itself glorifies God and his word as it continued refers to the word of God.  Our reading today refers to God’s word as the psalmist asks God to remember his word and his promises to his people as it gives believers hope.  People have mocked and insulted the believers of God’s word but we must stand undeterred by God’s words. Comfort comes from knowing and living by God’s word amidst the scorn of the world.  It is interesting that the psalmist clings and focuses on finding comfort in God’s word. 

In the second half of this psalm, there is great satisfaction with God through his word.  Knowing his word draws us closer to God.  Remember to seek God’s face and what he wants us to do helps us to make our daily walk one with God.  Shining out of the psalmist words is the earnest desire to know God’s decrees.  What is amazing is that the person takes time at night, probably rising from bed away from scoffers and prying eyes of the day to read and study God’s word. May your word constantly encourage and direct us in your ways, Amen

 Listen to Every Promise of Your Word  by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Read Judges 6:1-35

A story is told of the Israelite people again turning from God for which they are given for seven years into the hands of the Midianites. Hiding in caves the people tried to escape the invasion of their enemies.  For seven years the people suffered and finally called out to the Lord for help.  A prophet from God reminded them of their sin of idolatry pointing out their worship of other gods. Sending an angel to Gideon with a message that the Lord was with them.  What is unsaid is they needed to choose to live a Holy life.  Gideon’s sense of abandonment is evident as he has remembered the great rescue from Egypt, questioning God’s presence through this suffering. God tells him he is sending him to lead an army against them.  The story parallels Moses, in that Gideon doubts the Lord with his abilities. 

Gideon chooses to make things right to God by offering his sin offering. Reconciling with God, Gideon offers a sin offering of a goat and bread.  Where the offering was placed on the rock it was consumed by fire from the rock.  What a sight to behold and strike fear into his heart.  Sensing Gideon’s fear he is reassured with words we have heard Jesus use, Do Not Be Afraid. 

Gideon would break down the altars for Baal and the Asherah Poles used by the Canaanites who worshiped the mother goddess Asherah.  Fearing a backlash, he did this at night afraid of what the people would do.  The townspeople were upset, and Gideon had to own up to his actions. Gideons father Joash challenges the townspeople that the Gods of the altars would surely have destroyed anyone who broke their altars down.  Taking a lesson from Gideon, we must turn from the ways that separate us from God and be prepared for the battles both outward and inward that will ensue.  Open our eyes, ears and hearts to heed your calling Lord. 

Read Hebrews 5:11-6:20

While the other readings refer to knowing God’s word, the reading from Hebrews questions putting this knowledge to work.  I have often thought about this passage and the difference between spiritual food that is milk and that which is meat.  Solid food is for those who have trained themselves to distinguish between good and evil.  I wonder if the early church had certain doctrine to teach the new disciplines and others for those who had grown in faith.  How would they teach about the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgement?  Will these things be revealed or taught as our faith matures? 

We are warned to not fall away from God after you have seen God’s word and power.  Returning to God’s grace is next to impossible warns the author of Hebrews.  I think the advice given is to not become lazy about your faith but to imitate those whose faith and patience is our example.  Thank you, Lord, for these faithful people in our lives today.

We are reminded of the certainty of God’s promise, he does not lie. Abraham waited patiently and faithfully for Gods promise of blessings.  We are reminded of God’s unchanging nature; God keeps his promises.  His word to us is the anchor that holds our belief secure when we trust in Him.  Jesus is our high priest sent from God sent to provide us instructions to make us holy so we may always rest in his sanctuary.  Alleluia!

Listen to Look at the Earth by John Rutter reminding us that all things come from God.   


Dear Father, we come to you with hope in your promises.  May we have the courage and strength to live as your disciples trusting in your word.  Grant us patience to wait for your direction that is best for us.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

We lift up our frustrations of our isolation, may we continue to see your blessings in everything around us.  Thank you for your protection of our health, families, and friends.  We lift up those who do not have the comfort of knowing you or have been overcome with fear and despair, pour your comfort on all those in need.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Bless James as he retires from his formal ministry, grant him peace, rest and direction as he continues to walk with you.  Grant wisdoms and discernment to Steve, Allan, Jason as they prepare a new ministry time at St. Augustine’s.  Guide all bishops and clergy as guidelines are set for worship to resume.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Jesus healer of our souls, pour out your healing power on all those in need.  Grant wisdom and skill for all those who help with healing remembering, nurses, doctors, health care workers, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, spiritual directors and all those who minister to the sick.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Prepare a place for all those who have died, send comfort on those who mourn and hope of the world to come.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

Send your Holy Spirit as we prepare for Pentecost so we may more fully feel the power of your Spirit working in your church.  In your Mercy, Lord Hear our Prayer.

May our prayers continue to draw us closer and closer to you, so we may show your love to the world.  For you alone, Jesus are our mediator and advocate with the Father.  We ask these things through Jesus our Lord.  AMEN



Prayer Quads.



The prayer quads are an intercessory prayer ministry.  We presently have 4 active quads (4 people in each) plus a co-ordinator.  The leaders of each quad meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month to pray and to be updated on the status of the prayer requests.  This is a ministry that demands confidentiality.  We receive prayer requests not only from within our parish, but from people all over the world.  People and their needs are lifted in prayer on a daily basis, sometimes it is for something happening that day or could be for several months if someone is very ill.  There is no request too small or too big to take to our Lord.  If you feel called to serve in this ministry or have a prayer request to give us, we would be grateful.

Sunday Prayer Ministry

Immediately following the 10:00 am Sunday Service, 2 people are always available in the chapel for anyone who would like personal prayer ministry.  This ministry is strictly confidential and is available to all.