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Luke's Christmas Letter Dress Rehearsal Schedule for December 15th


The play will be rehearsed in the proper order, with the exception of the Dancers who will rehearse after the official dress rehearsal is done.

(9:45 arrive to be ready for sc.1)`

10:00 Sc. 1:  Sr. High Class, Mark and Karin Barg

10:25 (arrive at 10:10) Sc. 2: Middle School, Jack on bongos, James on pennywhistle, Mark and Karin.  Piano?

10:40 (arrive at 10:25) Sc. 3 and 4:  Gr. 3,4,5 class , Catherine, Alice, Mark, Karin.  BREATH OF HEAVEN and ZECHARIAH’S SONG

11:15 (arrive at 11:00)Sc. 5 Middle School, Jack on bongos, Rory, Karin.  A STORM.

11:30 Sc. 6 Andreas, Kimoya, Rory

11:40 (arrive at 11:25) Sc. 7  Gr. 3,4,5, class, , Jayla, Baby Jesus – Reece Bowers, Catherine, Mark, Karin, piano (Karen), Joanne, and adding the Preschool/Kindergarten ( in their usual front row)  AWAY IN A MANGER and adding the Gr. 1 / 2 Shepherds in the front choir pew. ANGEL’S LULLABY

12:10 sc. 9  EVERYONE in the Finale, including Dancers, who should arrive at 11:30 to have hotdogs before they dance! THE VIRGIN MARY HAD A BABY BOY

EVERYONE IS DONE (and the younger children can go have hotdogs!) EXCEPT THE DANCERS, WENDY M.,  JENN. S., CATHERINE and  BABY JESUS.  Mark can take a break.

12:30  Dancers and Wendy McDonald and Jennifer Samayoa, and Catherine and Baby Jesus

12:50 Last Scene:  Catherine and Mark

Yay!  We made it!!

Middle school, Sr. High, Rory and Dancers  will have their hotdog lunch BEFORE the 12:10 rehearsal of the Finale.  The other children will get their hotdogs AFTER the 12:10 rehearsal of final scene (THE VIRGIN MARY HAD A BABY BOY). Then the Dancers, Catherine and Reece will rehearse after the Finale.



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Palm Sunday

Our Sunday school will be leading the Procession on Palm Sunday (March 25th).  They will be singing "Give Me Oil in My Lamp."  Please help them in practicing at home.  Below is the link for a video that you can you to get the tune.  Thank you and happy singing!