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Virtual Sunday School is in Session Until We Are Able to Safely Meet Again in Person

Welcome to Funday school kids! It's going to be a great summer as we learn about The Ten Commandments.

Week Three

The Second Commandment - You shall not for yourself make an idol

#1.  Listen to the Ten Commandments song here.  Listen carefully and see if you can figure out what the second Commandment is.

#2.  Download and colour page three of your Ten Commandments colouring book here.  Don't forget to share your work with Miss Wendy at wendy@staug.org.  I would love to see what you have been learning!

#3.  Download this week's lesson here.  This week's craft is making a "time to worship God" wristband.  Here is what mine ended up looking like:

I would love to see your watches.  Please send them to me at wendy@staug.org and I will post them here to show all of our church family (if you give permission).

#4.  Let's end in prayer together:

Heavenly father,

We thank you for being a good God, who we can always depend on.  Help us to focus on you and to make time to worship you every day.  Help us to find ways to show your love to others every day and to be with you in reading the Bible and praying.  We pray today and always, through our friend, Jesus.  He is the One to worship! And we all say, "Amen!"

Have a wonderful week boys and girls. 


Miss Wendy




Week One - What are the Ten Commandments?

#1. Please watch the storytelling video called "Ten Ways to Be Perfect" by The Children’s Storybook Bible. It will give you an overview of how God delivered his rules to us.  It's available on Minno Kids at https://visit.gominno.com/cro/pg-194/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fvisit.gominno.com%2F&id=5. Our Sunday School has purchased a membership and you can get login information by emailing Miss Wendy at wendy@staug.org

#2.  On a blank piece of paper draw a picture of yourself obeying your favourite commandment - the commandment you find easiest to obey. On the other side of the paper, draw a picture of yourself obeying the commandment you find the toughest - the one you struggle with most. Then take a photo of your picture and email it to Miss Wendy and we will post your work here (if you give permission) for everyone to see next week!

#3.  Click here to download our first free colouring page and do your best job colouring it. Keep it somewhere safe once you've finished it because it will be the cover of your Ten Commandments book!
#4.  Let's pray together:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us rules to keep us safe, happy and close to you.. Help and guide us as we learn about and keep these rules close to our hearts. Thank you for your love and patience with us as we learn and make mistakes. We know you always forgive us and that we need to forgive others who are learning and make mistakes too. We pray through our friend, Jesus. And we all say, "amen!"

Have a wonderful week boys and girls. I look forward to seeing your work.


Miss Wendy


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Here, children get to hear engaging Bible studies, meet inspiring role models and take part in fun activities.  Everything we do is geared toward discovering how to know, love, and serve Jesus.  Every child from preschool through Grade 12 is welcome.  We look forward to seeing you!


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