Holy Baptism is the formal and sacramental act in which a person becomes a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of the Christian Church. The practice of baptism goes back to the very earliest church and was instituted by our Lord Jesus himself (Matthew 28:19).

At St. Augustine’s, adults and older children attend several preparation sessions and make the baptismal vows themselves. 

Early in the life of the Christian church, a daring extension was made which allowed the young children of believing Christian adults to be brought into the baptismal covenant, with their parents making promises to raise these children in the faith and fellowship of the church.  At St. Augustine’s, we baptize the young children of believing parents after the parents have attended baptism preparation.

If you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child, we encourage you to attend worship at St. Augustine’s, so that you can get to know the community in which you will be living out your baptismal vows.  Then contact our parish office by telephone or email and we will arrange a meeting between you and one of the clergy. 

Baptisms can take place at any of our weekend services, but they usually take place at the 10:00 am Sunday service.  Baptisms are scheduled ahead of time, and you can contact the office for information.