Rental Information

St. Augustine’s Facilities Rental Policies and Procedures

  1. Church Groups from St. Augustine’s Church or individual members of the parish of St. Augustine’s Church may book space for Church related activities at no charge provided that the requested space is not booked for any other function.
  2. The following facilities are available to rent for use by members of the Parish of St. Augustine’s Church and by persons or groups which are not a part of the parish of St. Augustine’s Church wishing to use space for private functions or concerts.  The Church Hall and/or Hall Kitchen, the Lower Hall, the Bambrick Room, the Crypt and/or Crypt Kitchen and the Church proper, excluding both ‘Sanctuaries’ (the areas behind the communion rails in front of both altars).
  3. No booking by a member of the parish for a private function or by an external person or group shall be given priority over bookings of regular church activities or functions.
  4. No regular Church activity or function shall be cancelled to accommodate an internal or external private booking.
  5. All bookings must be made with the Booking Coordinator.
  6. The Booking Coordinator shall be responsible for determining if a booking request would be an appropriate use of Church space.  This building is a House of Worship and all prospective users are asked to respect this.
  7. Rental fees shall be based on the list of rental rates in effect at the time of the rental request.

For information regarding availability and rental rates please contact the church office.